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Choosing a Patio Awning

Photo – Thomas Sanderson Awning

Patio awnings used to serve as protection from the sun and rain for houses.  But now, patio awnings are included as part of a house’s or building’s architecture not only for its primary purpose, but also to add charm and create a statement.

If you are still unconvinced about the architectural beauty of patio awnings, you might want to have a patio awning installed to protect your patio furniture, patio furniture, regardless of the material, wears out faster when exposed to the sun and rain. Another bonus to having a patio awnings, according to a study, that it can reduce summer heat by as much as 65%.

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Outdoor Speakers that will enhance your landscape

outsoor-speakers.jpgPlanterSpeakers were created by Madison Fielding, Inc., a leader in the custom multiroom audio field. Madison Fielding is an award-winning manufacturer founded in 1983 by Art Powers and Art Powers, Jr.

Our amplifiers, remote controls, and multiroom audio systems have been featured in Town and Country, Architectural Digest, and the New York Times.

Our latest product, PlanterSpeakers are designed for indoor or outdoor use, offering a very unique alternative to regular indoor box speakers or artificial looking speaker rocks.

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Consider concrete for patio facelift

stamped-concrete-patio.jpgDetroit News – Summertime in Michigan finds us enjoying the outdoors as much as we possibly can. And how wonderful it is if we have a backyard where we can create an outdoor space to unwind after a long day, to spend time with our family and to entertain our friends.

Nowadays many backyards are being transformed into what are now referred to as “outdoor rooms,” luxurious extensions of the house.

Yes, an increasing number of homeowners are going all out with elaborate outdoor kitchens that have sinks, refrigerators, cabinets and countertops, sitting areas with comfy cushioned furniture, real fireplaces and elaborate water features. Of course, without all of those additions, we can still enjoy our backyard.

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Cool Patio Designs

cool-patio-designs.jpgA patio can be just like another room in your house. Effective patio design can mean that your increase the floor space of your home, by adding an outside room that allows you to entertain like never before.

A patio can just be a rectangular slab of concrete with some plastic chairs and griller, but it can also be so much more. Check Out These Friendly Sites for Some Cool  Patio Design Ideas

MyLandscapes – I design contemporary gardens, landscapes and roof terraces throughout London and beyond. Projects include City, Courtyard, Patio and larger Family gardens with a major speciality in Roof gardens and terraces. In town, I have always been asked for low maintenance and this has evolved into an important element of all my gardens.

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Barbecue Grill Maintenance Tips

grill-cleaning.jpgGetting Your Gas Barbecue Grill Ready Be sure to clean spider webs out of the venturi tubes as described below. You may open your grill in the spring and find remnants of the meal you cooked on it last season.

Don’t worry, cleaning the grill is actually easier than most people realize, and you can usually forego the brushes, dirty sink and elbow grease if you start the day before you need the grill. However, use the following method only after checking with your owner’s manual. Some manufacturers warn against using oven cleaner on any part of their grill.

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