All-weather Fire Pits and Chimeneas

Patio Preserve all-weather fire pits and chimeneas provide alluring warmth and charm for the upcoming autumn months – and they’re maintenance-free – adhering to the latest weather-friendly outdoor material trend.


Fire Pits 101
Fire pits, in general, are open vessels that can be used for warmth, beauty, atmosphere, and/or cooking. Available in a wide range of materials and sizes, most are enclosed with steel mesh or glass. They sit up off the ground, allow for 360 degree viewing, and are becoming increasingly popular as people strive to get more use out of their outdoor living spaces. Many of the fire pits can double as charcoal grills and offer various screen and grill options. The best and most popular fuel for outdoor fireplaces is hard wood. Alternative sources of fuel include manufactured fire logs, natural gas, propane and gel inserts. With their raised level, Patio Preserve all-weather fire pits will never stain your deck or patio. Patio Preserve fire pits retail from $138 to $280 with free ground shipping.


Chimeneas 101
From their origins as simple clay wood-burning fireplaces from Mexico, chimenea materials have evolved over the years to last longer and adhere to harsh weather elements. Chimeneas have an opening in the front and a short “chimney” for the smoke. Patio Preserve’s cast aluminum and iron chimeneas resist rust, require very little maintenance, and can be easily moved during a wind change or patio re-arrangement. With their raised level, the chimeneas will also not stain your deck or patio. Patio Preserve all-weather chimeneas retail from to $123 to $794 with free ground shipping.

And, did you know? Adding fragrant pinion wood to the fire can enhance the pleasure of a chimeneas or fire pit. Not only will pinion wood provide an aromatic scent, its smoke is a natural mosquito repellent!

  • Santa Fe Real Estate

    Had really been enjoying your blog in 07. Are you planning on coming back or have you given up on this project? Hope to see some new posts in my RSS feed soon!

  • Jim Junkin

    Just to have the pinion wood as a mosquito repellant adds so much to the value and ambiance of the product. The only thing needed on the deck now is flat screen TV.
    I may never go inside again.

  • aida shasha

    I like Chimeneas 101 as it has unique shape and design..thanks