Sustainable Garden to Enhance Your Patio Space

One great method of decorating your patio while adding green-ness would be to grow a sustainable garden. A sustainable garden is a garden area full of organic plants that one may actually eat. Not only does this make your patio look better, but you can enjoy a healthy meal as an added benefit.

Sustainable Garden

Keep in mind that your “sustainable garden” can be as easy as a handful of plants covering no more than a couple square foot of space. It can also be much more elaborate, with all kinds of vegetables and herbs covering a substantial area.

Where to Put Your Garden
There are mainly two ways to plant your garden.
First, you can plant your garden in the area around your veranda or patio. If so, you’ll want to-use plants that grow rather large, so that their ambience can enhance the look and feel of your patio.

Alternatively, you can choose to put your plants in pots. If you select this route, you can have your plants right on your patio.

Sustainable Potted Garden

This second method makes it easy to plant all types of different plants almost anyplace on your patio or veranda.
Ideally, you’ll need to keep your plants somewhere that gets sun but may also be shielded from the rain. The sustainable crops do not need to be in sunlight all day, but they just must get some sun during the day.

Climate Matters
The climate where you live plays a large role in choosing what sorts of plants to grow. If you’re in a climate which has lots of rain and winds, then you’ll want to stick with very tough plants and vegetables like kale or potatoes.
On the other hand, in case you have a light climate, you can choose from a wide array of plants, from mint to tomatoes, onions to lettuce.

Figure out what sort of weather you can get throughout the course of the season and do a little research into what plants flourish in that environment. Try to get organic seeds to increase your plants health benefits. When you can not find an organic seed, try simply extracting the seeds from an organic plant. For example, buy an organic lemon and use the seeds from that lemon.

Organic plants grow healthier, larger and faster than their genetically modified counterparts. They are more sustainable, taste better and also look better on your veranda.

Grow Foods That You Like To Eat
Finally, be sure to grow plants which you’ll truly enjoy eating. Mix things up a bit, perhaps plant some of your favorite fruits, some herbs and some veggies.

Adding a sustainable garden to your patio will enhance the beauty of your backyard, help you go more green, save you a bit of cash while giving you tasty foods to eat.

  • Mike Seary

    “Finally, be sure to grow plants which you’ll truly enjoy eating. Mix things up a bit, perhaps plant some of your favorite fruits, some herbs and some veggies.”

    – Great advice to teach people about food security.